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I provide a wide range of services for writers, publishers and events organisers, including editing, proofreading, manuscript feedback and more…

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  • COPY EDITING: ‘The writers have all loved your feedback and it was sensitively done and appropriately to the point. I’ll look forward to working with you again.’

    Claire Malcolm (New Writing North)

  • Fran is my go-to copy editor. As she is also an exemplary creative writer in her own right, not only is she incredible at all the grammar business, she gets the rhythms and nuance of writing and honours this in her comments. This also includes fact checking, spotting duplication, and making everything uniform when my brackets and quotations go a bit explosive. My work soars when it gets a Fran once-over. Before you reach this stage Fran can also provide manuscript feedback in a kind, generous manner which allows you to see the notes for the glorious help and advice that they are. Recommended in a heartbeat. Though will be wishing I hadn’t done so if I can’t get a slot booked in…

    Lisette Auton (writer)

  • Francoise provided an intelligent and insightful feedback report for my debut children’s novel. Her aim was to strengthen the manuscript and sharpen the focus for my intended audience by producing a very detailed critique of my work. I had already received feedback from family and friends before approaching Francoise and it was the perfect time for me to get expert advice. The report was extremely positive and constructive, while also clearly demonstrating the areas of my manuscript which could be improved upon. It was broken down into helpful sections which analysed my writing thematically and gave me fantastic advice, all of which I have taken on board and acted upon. I am very grateful to Francoise for her sensitive and valuable advice.

    Tamzin M. (writer)